How you can support Ensemble Reza

We are very grateful to all funders, sponsors and the Ensemble Reza Friends.  With their support in the last year we have been able to run a busy concert series including evening, family and free lunchtime concerts, our Community Orchestra and workshops at Ingfield Manor School for children aged between 3-18 with neurological motor impairment such as cerebral palsy.  

 If you would like to consider supporting Ensemble Reza further, we are currently fundraising for three different projects and any donation would be very gratefully received. 

'The group for me is a constant source of joy and inspiration and full of surprises!!! A pleasure to support them and you.'  Linda Bridges
'We left feeling very uplifted from the array of music and all the inspirational people involved with Ensemble Reza.' Steve & Ann Martin 

 Ensemble Reza is a registered charity no 1158708

photo by hannah carter

photo by hannah carter

The Ensemble Reza Lunchtime Concert Series

The Ensemble Reza concert series already benefits from the Friends contribution.  Next year we have an exciting programme planned including performances from Ensemble Reza musicians and friends including Jane Haughton.  

We currently need to raise £1500 to support this series until December 2018. 

Last year the lunchtime concert series was supported by Haywards Heath Town Council and Coleman’s Solicitors. 

“Just an exquisite way to spend one hour. What more could you ask for - top virtuoso musicians playing a programme of music that never fails to please .... for free!”

“It’s a great asset to the town to have a high quality recital series easily accessible and in the daytime. A very informal atmosphere, free admission means that nobody need feel excluded by cost. Children are made very welcome too! ”

Ensemble Reza Community Orchestra

The Ensemble Reza Community Orchestra continues to grow from strength to strength.  In the last year our numbers have grown to a record 85 musicians aged between 5-82!  The orchestra is a great opportunity to play alongside professional musicians, friends and family (currently there are 22 families involved). 

Whilst there are several similar orchestras in the country Ensemble Reza's unique approach to including musicians of all ages abilities and offering coaching sessions with professional musicians has attracted national recognition from the BBC and other groups.  Too see the orchestra in action visit the BBC website.

We need to raise £6,500 to run the orchestra from September-June 2019.  This will include 10 rehearsals and 4 concerts.  If you'd like to support the orchestra please contact: Hannah Carter


Photo by alison willows

Photo by alison willows

Ingfield Picture IMG_0626.jpg

To work with the school for 10 months with over 12 musicians involved will cost £18k.  We are currently applying to Sussex Community Foundation and Arts Council England to support this work.  If you would like to donate to this project, please contact Hannah Carter

It was such an energising experience for staff and pupils, the room was full of happiness and excitement. I think it was one of the best things I have experienced since working here because it was everyone enjoying and everyone included
— Liz

Composition and Performance project with Ingfield Manor School

Following the success of our earlier workshops at Ingfield Manor School we are keen to develop this programme with a project from September-June 2019 based on Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

Students will be able to hear a reduced version for 12 instruments perform this work.  

Following this the whole school will work with Ensemble Reza to create their own music to accompany the project using percussion, voice and sound beam.  

The project will also be multi-sensory and students will work with staff and workshop leaders to devise other methods of bringing the story to life with forest smells, woodland, water and even fabrics. 

The final piece will be performed to parents and the local community alongside Ensemble Reza at the Ingfield Manor Summer Fete in 2019.  

It’s a real honor to see such amazing musicianship and that is something we cannot provide
— Liz
Hearing the music ‘live’ with enthusiastic professional musicians had a great impact
— Hilary
Some of the children are quite hard to reach and for them (Ensemble Reza) to be able to engage with those students has been amazing and a positive thing as well…. Absolutely we would love to see you come back … 100%
— Principal, Tracy
it’s opening up a world that they might otherwise not experience
— Liz